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Learning as a Business Strategy Training

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To request an information packet containing literature about this product, call 1.800.758.1071 x225.


We approach learning/training as a competitive business strategy using our Integrated Approach to Learning®. Beginning with your business vision, we systematically assess how that vision is supported throughout your organization. We look at many aspects of your business, including how people learn and improve their work performance, how they manage your Customers, and how each function in your business enables the other functions to perform at their peak.

The signs of an ailing business are plentiful. Our Integrated Approach to Learning® is the most efficient and effective solution for long-term competitiveness.

By building learning into your strategic plan, you ensure that your business vision will be accomplished. People have to be taught to execute what Senior Management envisions, or they may just “do their own thing” in the absence of clear direction and specific action plans.

Learning as a Business Strategy

Strategic Planning from a Learning Perspective Model

EVALUATION We conduct an evaluation of how effectively you are using learning to support your business vision.   After this evaluation, you will know exactly what is working well and what needs improvement. 

One of our experienced Consultants will facilitate a Senior Strategy Workshop.  In this workshop, your management team will uncover the underlying causes of your business problems, and identify potential solutions and road blocks.

We then work with you to develop very tailored and powerful solutions for your specific business.  

IMPLEMENTATION Finally, we’ll develop a practical implementation strategy that includes all the elements necessary to turn your problems around quickly.  That strategy can include developing more effective business procedures and systems, putting much of your resource information online for easier access, developing more effective and efficient training, teaching your leaders how to coach work performance, and measuring the results of your efforts.

Partner with ALESYS to make significant improvements in your business very quickly. We get results!

ALESYS Profiled Training Solutions

The signs of an ailing business are plentiful.  Our Integrated Approach is the most efficient and effective solution.

  If you think your business is moving in the wrong direction, we’ll partner with you to find out why through our effectiveness evaluation.  Then we’ll help you make the necessary changes to achieve or maintain a competitive advantage.

  If you do not have a strategic business plan in place, or believe that your plans are no longer meeting your needs, ALESYS will partner with you to develop a more effective strategy to achieve the business results you expect.
  If your strategic business plan is on target, but you are still having difficulty achieving your business goals, it’s probably a learning issue.  Your people either lack the skills or the direction to move competently toward your goals. We can help you solve that situation very quickly and show a return on your investment in developing the skills of your teams.


Like to learn more about how our Learning as a Business Strategy can improve the performance and the business results of your organization?
Call us today at 800.758.1071 ext. 225.


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