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Outsourcing - Training Delivery


Our Facilitators are the best in the business.  They have many years of training experience in a variety of content and industries.  And they have all achieved ALESYS Certified Learning Manager status, demonstrating excellence in our 15 core competencies for delivering powerful learning experiences. 

From two hours of training to multi-week programs, ALESYS Facilitators will deliver your training as we partner with your Subject Matter Experts to stay current in your content. 

ALESYS will deliver any or all of your training — from highly technical through soft skills for any level of employee and manager! We'll send you the very best Trainers and Facilitators in the world who can train your content with the power and effectiveness to enable each Learner to improve their behavior on the job. We match the skills and expertise of our Trainers to the content and to the characteristics of your groups of Learners. We take care of all the details for smooth, professional, high-quality sessions, and then provide you with evaluative information and reports so you can show a positive return on your training delivery investment.

Our approach is to understand your training needs and culture. Then we learn your content well. Next, we assign our Facilitators, or start the professional development of your Facilitators. After each delivery we carefully review all assessments to ensure the session achieved its intended results. And we report to you regularly on what has been accomplished.

Outsourcing Training - Our Approach

Our first step is to thoroughly understand your training philosophy and culture. Then we carefully study all the training content and materials you want our Trainers to deliver. This enables us to begin the match of our Trainers' skills and expertise with the content you need to have delivered.

If you do not have well-developed training materials for our Trainers to use in their deliveries, the ALESYS Development Team can up-grade or develop materials as needed.

All the Trainers who work for ALESYS are certified by ALESYS as professional Learning Managers. This means they have demonstrated very high levels of competence delivering a wide variety of content to many levels of organizational Learners. The Trainers who will deliver your sessions also participate in a rigorous preparation process for each topic to ensure the highest quality of every session they deliver for you. We have back-up teams so that there is seldom a reason to reschedule a session due to illness or other Trainer issues. Each of our Trainers has an ALESYS coach who is more experienced and offers support and coaching for any delivery issues that may arise.

Our Trainers are skilled in managing the learning process of every Learner, and they take great pride in developing new levels of skill and confidence in each Learner they train. They often conduct follow-up contacts with Learners to offer assistance on any job performance issues related to the content they delivered. They're real pros! And they care passionately about what they do for you.


Outsourcing Training - Our Offering

  • We will deliver a single training topic multiple times in various locations around the globe, or we will deliver all your training to all your target Learner groups - from Senior Management to the front-line.
  • We will deliver highly technical content or any soft skills content, or any blend of both.
  • We will provide support and coaching for our Trainers so you don't have to worry about any delivery issues at all. You can enjoy the positive comments about our sessions, along with the more tangible results your Learners will achieve in improved performance on the job.
  • We will administer all your sessions from scheduling, sending out pre-work, confirming attendance, storing and shipping all training materials, managing logistics of each session, capturing assessment scores and evaluation data, preparing reports on a monthly basis for your management team, following-up with Learners as needed, and generally managing every detail of our partnership with skill and competence.

We will provide the highest quality training sessions you will experience anywhere, wherever you need. Guaranteed!

Quality Statement

Our Trainers are very experienced and possess well-developed delivery skills. They are all ALESYS-certified Learning Managers, which means they have completed the most rigorous certification process available anywhere. We are confident you will hear positive comments about the quality of the sessions we deliver. Our goal is that every Learner has a powerful learning experience that will enable them to change their work behavior and achieve greater performance on the job.




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