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Outsourcing - Training Design/Development


Research shows that 70% of training offered in organizations today does not work! People simply do not change their work behavior as a result of most training.  You can't afford that kind of waste!  Your training must be designed to get results.

ALESYS' Integrated Approach to Training Design and DevelopmentSM is recognized as among the most powerful methodologies in the industry.  It works to get the results you need.  Effective training design and development makes the difference between having employees who can think on their feet and solve Customer problems, and employees who just sit through training because they see no relevance to their world.

All of our training programs bear ALESYS' seal of quality, and are

Designed for Learnability*


ALESYS will design and develop any or all of your training — from start to finish! We'll learn about the specifics of your processes and procedures from your subject matter experts (SMEs) and guide you in choosing the best delivery formats (e-learning, classroom, self-study, etc.) that will be most appropriate for the content and your groups of Learners.

We'll provide solid measures of effectiveness and help you show a positive return on your training investment. Our approach is thorough and is designed so that you receive a "well-managed Customer experience" from initial project planning to delivery of the final products.

We deliver more than you expect! And quality control is built into every step.

Our Approach

The first step we take is to carefully plan your training needs with you and identify your SMEs. Then we begin the needs analysis phase. This is where both parties agree on the best ways to train your organization's staff to meet performance standards. We identify the training content that is necessary for each group of Learners to succeed on the job, and we clarify policies and procedures that must be followed by each performer.

If your work policies and procedures are not accurate, complete, and up-to-date, our experienced teams will work with your SMEs to indentify and make revisions. If there are not documented procedures that we can use to build the training, we can provide a complete process with procedures in order to build the training.

Next we create the instructional design of the training, which becomes the blueprint of what the training will include, and what formats and materials will be used for each topic. This design will guide our actual development of the training and of all the necessary materials to make the training content come alive.

From the development phase we move directly into a pilot phase. This is where we both see how well the training program works in reality with real Learners. Then we fix any issues that we discover during the pilot phase and prepare all the final materials.

Then we deliver the training to you in the agreed format, or prepare your Trainers to deliver any Facilitator-led sessions. We can manage the reproduction of all materials, host any online training, store materials, and manage the fulfillment of requests for materials from your teams.

As options, we can maintain your training programs over time, build in measurements at all four levels so you can actually see the results you are achieving, and professionally develop your coaches and team leaders to better support the training you are sponsoring.


Our Offering

  • We will develop a single training initiative, such as building a 7-week new hire training program, all the way down to a 1-hour e-learning program. 
  • We will design and develop any or all training for your organization.
  • We will provide support for the Team Leaders and Job Coaches of any Learner group for whom we develop training.
  • As an option, we can develop training for Team Leaders and Job Coaches so they become a more effective and integral part of your efforts to improve performance and productivity.
  • We can produce all training materials in quantities for you, and even store and distribute them upon order from your teams around the world.

We will provide the highest quality deliverables to you faster than any other resource you have available today.


Quality Statement

Quality control is built into every step of our process — from certification in our proven design methodology for all our team members who work on your training, to performance coaches and performance support systems for our team members, to experienced content and copy editors who ensure that everything is developed to the highest quality standards. Our goal is to deliver to you a solid learning program that will achieve results on the job, every time it is used.

* A certification mark of ALESYS.


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