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Outsourcing - Training Management

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Your training function should be held accountable for giving your people the skills to do their jobs to acceptable performance standards.  When you partner with ALESYS, we are accountable to you for accomplishing behavior change on the job. 

We also:

  • Implement ways to speed up the learning curve. 
  • Provide Managers with people capable of getting the job done to performance standards. 
  • Provide individuals with training to enable them to stay current with their ever-changing job duties. 
  • Teach Supervisors and Team Leaders how to manage employees for continuous learning and performance improvement.
  • Provide Senior Management with credible measurement data to show the impact of training on operations and on your organization's bottom line.

We won't give you excuses about why training isn't getting results!  We'll get you the behavior change and performance improvements you should expect from professionally managed training.

When you outsource your complete training function to ALESYS, you can be assured that we will manage the entire process with great skill and high quality to achieve bottom-line business results!

We always do what we say we will, and never relax our high standards. We can either assign one of our management teams to improve and manage your training functions, or we can hire your Managers and staff and manage them to high standards.

We can work from your locations or ours. We can perform all the functions of a training operation, from sitting at the table with business decision makers all the way through needs analyses, design and development, delivery, and measurement of training effectiveness. This is our core business and we're very good at it! We will take care of all the details for smooth, professional, high-quality training sessions, and then provide you with evaluative information and reports so you can show a positive return on your investment.

Outsourcing - Training Management

Our first step is to thoroughly understand your training philosophy, culture, and business goals. Then we carefully study all the training content and materials you currently use, along with contractual obligations you have with outside providers. We talk with Senior Management to clarify their vision for training in the organization and work together with your management teams to plan a smooth transition.

The ALESYS learning professionals can provide any of the training functions you will need, or we can manage your people to do that.

All the learning professionals who work for ALESYS are certified by ALESYS as having demonstrated very high levels of competence performing multiple learning-related functions. If we hire any of your team members or Managers, they will also be provided with professional development opportunities to take their skills to a higher level.

ALESYS also provides coaches who are more experienced and can offer support and coaching for any learning issues that may arise. Our Production teams and Admin teams know how to support everything we do for our Customers, and are committed to making significant contributions to your success.

Our Offering

  We will manage any or all of your training functions for your various locations around the globe and serve all your target Learner groups - from Senior Management to the front-line.
  We will provide support and coaching for our teams so you don't have to worry about any training issues at all. You can enjoy the positive comments about our relationship and services, along with the more tangible results your organization will achieve in improved job performance and employee and Customer satisfaction.
  We will administer all the details of each training session from scheduling, sending out pre-work, confirming attendance, storing and shipping all training materials, managing logistics of each session, capturing assessment scores and evaluation data, preparing reports on a monthly basis for your management team, following-up with Learners as needed, and generally managing every detail of our partnership with skill and competence.

We will provide the highest quality training products and services you will experience anywhere, wherever you need. Guaranteed! Hand your training function off to the pros at ALESYS. That's what we're all about!

» Not ready to outsource, but need help getting good training?

  • We can verify you're getting results from your training efforts.
  • We can tell you if the training you're about to purchase from external vendors will get results.
  • We can build measurement systems, and determine if your training is generating ROI.

Quality Statement

Because our teams are so experienced and possess such well-developed professional skills, we are confident your organization will quickly notice a positive difference in the quality of the training functions we provide or manage. Our goal is to give every Learner powerful learning experiences that will enable them to change their work behaviors and result in improved performance on the job.



Behavior Change... Isn't that what it's all about?