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Training Programs

customer service skills training program

Customer Service Excellence

We think you will agree that every organization is in the business of satisfying customers. However, in every customer interaction there is also the potential for dissatisfaction. And it is at that moment that you can either strengthen the customer relationship, or lose that customer. How you manage each customer’s experience can be the difference between a satisfied or an unsatisfied customer.

It is important to understand that being nice to customers is a beginning, but it is not enough! Your organization must love customers, and understand the relationship between customer satisfaction and your organization’s profitability. Our customer service skills training program will enable your employees to better manage the customer’s experience in each and every interaction. And the best part is that your organization benefits from having satisfied customers, as well as employees who are more satisfied with their job. Negative interactions with customers have a negative impact on the employee's attitude and on the satisfaction of your employees with their job and how they view your company.

Customer Service Skills Training Program

You can dramatically increase the ability of your employees to manage the customer's experience using the skills in our training program. Our customer service skills training program is designed to enable your employees to professionally and confidently handle any customer interactions, resulting in increased customer loyalty and retention.

We do this by teaching your employees cutting-edge skills in how to manage each customer's experience, and then enabling your staff to practice those skills and techniques in your real-world situations. Our highly interactive, practice-rich sessions are fast-paced and enjoyable. We know how to keep each Learner fully engaged in the learning process and prepare them for success on the job. Meet or exceed your customers' expectations and they will return to do business with your organization again and again, and most importantly they will tell others of their positive experiences. Our program, Creating Extraordinary Customer Experiences, is described below. Keep reading to learn more details about this course. Putting your employees, and their supervisors, through our customer service training program will not only improve your customer service scores. You will also notice a significant change in the attitude of your employees and supervisors with regards to customers, which will benefit your organization in many ways over the long term.

Creating Extraordinary Customer Experiences:
  • Audience: Front-line Employees
    Length: 2 days
    Classroom training - Blended solution
  • Audience: Team Leaders & Supervisors
    Length: 2 days
    Classroom training - Blended solution
  • Audience: Managers
    Length: 1 day
    Classroom training - Blended solution
  • Audience: Senior Managers
    Length: 4 hours
    Facilitator-led workshop - Blended solution

ALESYS customizes all our training programs to accomplish the specific business goals and solve the persistent performance issues of our Customers. There is no additional fee for this customization.

Customizable programs are the best way to ensure you will realize the behavior changes and bottom-line results that must be the outcome of any training you sponsor.

Goals of Our Customer Service Skills Training Program:
  • Develop a customer service attitude in your employees and leaders.
  • Manage each customer's experience more effectively.
  • Manage own self much better when dealing with customers.
  • Defuse problematic situations in a positive manner.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty resulting from their more positive interactions with your organization.
  • Fewer headaches for front-line supervisors and managers when escalated situations decrease, and staff and customers are more satisfied.
  • Improved quality scores from customer contacts with your organization.
  • Create a long-term customer service culture in your organization.

Why Contact Us?

We can all probably agree that good customer service has become very hard to find. In some cases the basics are still there, such as a pleasant greeting and a smile, but that is not enough to keep your current customers satisfied and win new customers. Our program can help your employees learn to love customers and appreciate them. That's what will impact your organization's success over the long term.

We have over 30 years of experience in customer service training across a variety of industries. This experience has taught us how to train your employees to not only learn effective customer service skills, but also how to put those skills to work in your organization. We understand the importance that effective customer service has to your organization, to your customers, and to your employees.

We will partner with you to help your organization create a customer service culture. One that puts the customer first, and ensures the loyalty to your brand that is so crucial in today's marketplace. Our Facilitators take customer service seriously, and by the end of the training your employees will also. Once upon a time, the metric was that a dissatisfied customer tells seven other people of their a bad encounter with your organization. Today, that has increased exponentially. Each customer has access not only to social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and their family and friends and business relationships, but also to user review sites where they can vent to many people about their negative experience with your organization. You get the picture! Customer service is serious business, and is mission-critical to your organization's success!

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Designed 4 Learnability SealAll programs designed by ALESYS bear our Designed for LearnabilitySM seal, which is our assurance to you that your program has been designed and developed to achieve maximum learning.

It is our Guarantee to you of a quality-built learning solution.

Would you like to learn more about how our Customer Service Skills Training can improve the performance and business results of your organization?

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