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Leadership Training Course

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Leaders must be able to communicate your company’s business strategy in a manner that employees of the company can understand, and then help them understand the role they play in accomplishing the strategy.

Benefits of ALESYS' Leadership Skills Training:
  • Leaders who understand their critical role in the performance improvement of each team member on behalf of the business goals of their work units.
  • Significantly improved productivity, quality, and morale in work units, as leaders provide clearer guidance in how to achieve higher performance standards.
  • Leaders who accept responsibility for "raising the bar" for each person whose performance is within their leadership role.
Why use ALESYS for Leadership Development?

The reason to use ALESYS for leadership development can be summed up on one word - Experience!  Our leadership training programs are focused on your specific business goals to enable your leaders to function at a much higher level of competence than ever before.  We tie all training course content directly to what you want your leaders to achieve, not to a plain vanilla set of typical leadership learning objectives.  We get results!


Leadership Skills Courses

The training courses listed below are available for delivery in the following formats: Instructor-led classroom, Instructor-led virtual, e-Learning, and paper-based self-study.
  • Strategic Decision Making Skills (SDMS)

    This 2-day Facilitator-led training program enables Leaders who are responsible for making and managing mission-critical decisions to accomplish this role more effectively over the long-term. We teach a systematic process that works very well for any type of strategic decision. Leaders practice the stages of our process on several case studies, and then develop detailed plans for making and managing a current or up-coming strategic decision for which they are responsible.
  • Leading Through Effective Communication (LTEC)

    This 2-day Facilitator-led training program includes best-practice communication strategies and techniques for a wide variety of scenarios that require Leaders at all levels to be more effective with their communications. They practice with scenarios relevant to their various key stakeholders, from employees, through peer managers, Customers, media, and shareholders. They develop communication plans for several troublesome scenarios they face regularly, including virtual teams, mutiple generations, and conflict situations.
  • Managing Change Effectively (MCE)

    This one-hour online or paper-based self-study training program helps Leaders understand the very normal process everyone passes through any time they are confronted with any type of change in their world. It is a helpful precursor to more in-depth training on managing change, and is often referenced by Leaders at many points during the various changes they manage in the discharge of their leadership responsibilities. It validates what people are feeling as they move through the change process, and enables Leaders to be more effective guiding those who are resisting change.
  • Organizational Culture and Your EQ

    This 1-day Facilitator-led training program is designed to increase your effectiveness as a leader by understanding how you impact organizational culture. This program will help you understand your emotional intelligence quotient and its relationship to shaping organizational culture. Get ready to learn more about yourself as a leader and as a person, and develop strategies to improve your EQ.
  • Coaching Skills for Performance Improvement (CSPI)

    Coaching skills at the Leader level are critical to the success of every project and task in your organization. Leaders are challenged in our 2-day Facilitator-led training program to take their current coaching skills to a much deeper level as they practice with scenarios they bring to the session. The feedback from their peers is invaluable, as they learn to more effectively balance managing the whole person in each coaching situation with the performance standards applicable to the position or task. They build their own personal action plans for continuing to improve their coaching skills.

Feeback from Participants in our Leadership Programs:

"This is the best program I have participated in since my employment with this company. I'd like more training like this in the Future."

D. Kajino - Executive  

"This program needs to be taught to both Executive team and managers of the corporation."

S. Abe - Sr. Manager  

"The contents were what everyone in the org. should take, so that our organization can move in the right direction, and we can grow."

Y. Noda - Executive  

"In thinking about how we did things in the past, this program shows us what we have been neglecting, and the skills to improve."

S. Kane - Manager  


Would you like to learn more about how our Leadership Skills Programs can improve the performance and business results of your organization?
email, or call 800.758.1071 ext. 225

Behavior Change... Isn't that what it's all about?