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If you put your new Reps through a weak preparation process, you’ll be disappointed every time.  

They won’t be able to perform to your expectations.  More disturbingly, they’ll get frustrated quickly and may quit before you realize any return on your investment in them. 

ALESYS can pinpoint quickly why Reps can’t do their jobs to your satisfaction.  In most cases, the root cause is a weak or poorly designed training process, or no process at all!

You could be losing 70 to 90% of your potential return on your training investment if your Reps aren’t effectively prepared to perform in your Customer Contact Center.  What a waste!  And it’s a waste you can’t afford, because these numbers only hint at the true cost.

Factor in poor Customer service and even lost Customers, and the damage to your business grows alarmingly.  If the following examples sound familiar, more than likely your training is ineffective and is not getting the results you need.

Training is a serious investment in your employees and in the future of your company.  And like any other investment, you expect a good return for the time and money it takes to train your people.


Training designed and delivered the right way can give you the return on investment you expect.


Training Design/Development Solutions for:


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  • No training equals less than 10% effectiveness in job performance.
  • Poor training equals less than 30% effectiveness in job performance.
  • Good training equals 70% or more effectiveness in job performance.


Our Integrated Approach to Contact Center Training gets results. 

Our approach enables us to develop a strong training program that will get bottom-line results, maximizing your return on investment.

It will mean more stable and competent employees who are able to manage each Customer contact by probing for information to perform the appropriate actions for the Customer.  The results of an effective training program are not only competent and capable employees, but also satisfied Customers.  And satisfied, loyal Customers are what it’s all about!

  • For training to be effective, the work processes and
    that are being trained must be accurate
    to the job.
  • Next, the training must be designed in a way
    that facilitates the learning process, and
    ultimately causes performance to improve
    on the job.
  • And finally, training must be delivered using the
    most appropriate delivery format for the content and the Learners. 



At ALESYS we view training as a means to achieve an end. 

That end is behavior change.  That consistent result is what you’re paying for.  You need to have Reps who can perform their job functions and duties to standards, while providing quality Customer service and effective call management to each Customer.  So there’s much more to preparing Reps to be successful than just putting them through a training program.  ALESYS has many years of proven experience in improving the results Contact Centers achieve from training.

We partner with you to get the behavior change on the job that creates satisfied Customers, based on your business goals and corporate vision.  We produce Reps who are confident and capable to perform to your standards.

ALESYS custom develops highly successful training programs in classroom, multimedia, and web-based formats for this group of employees.  We integrate effective Customer management skills with technical skills for complete contact management to your performance standards.  Most of the training we develop is proprietary to our Customer because it includes the specific tasks and procedures of their business.


Computer-based training
Self-paced paper-based
Peer learning

Training Design

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